Project: Oral Health for Juvenile Diabetics

Addressing the oral health needs of type I diabetics in the Philippines since 1998

Note: This does not include hospitalization which may occur during times when the blood sugar is high). A three day stay in the hospital can easily cost PHP 5,000 - 15,000

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The treatment of diabetes has always centered on the control of blood sugar through medication and appropriate nutritional intake. Preventing oral infection, as an adjunct in controlling blood sugar, has been given little attention. Its significance in a population with a high prevalence of tooth decay and gum disease, such as the Philippines, may be underestimated.

The cost of managing diabetes imposes a heavy burden on families with children affected by the disease. Type I diabetes, or diabetes that usually affects the young, requires daily doses of insulin. Because the amount of insulin required by the body is not constant, a glucose meter (a home monitoring device used to measure sugar in the blood) is necessary in order to determine the correct dose. Below is a list of monthly expenses of a healthy child with diabetes:


The lack of importance attached to oral health and the financial burden that accompany diabetes makes it easy for families of children with the disease to neglect oral health totally or assign a low level of priority to oral health needs.

Poor oral health can: lead to early loss of teeth, raise blood sugar levels during times of infection, and deter compliance to prescribed diabetic diet. Project: Oral Health for Juvenile Diabetics (POHJD) aims to encourage children with diabetes to take care of their teeth by:

1. promoting oral health as an integral part in the management of diabetes.

2. promoting preventive measures such as toothbrushing and flossing as part of the daily habit that a diabetic should practice similar to blood glucose monitoring.

3. educating diabetics on the importance of preserving their natural teeth.

4. educating diabetics on the relationship between oral health and control of blood sugar.

5. providing free or discounted dental treatment to children with diabetes.



Information provided by
Ed Ofilada, DDM
Project Coordinator for POHJD

Rm 233 Medical Arts Bldg.  St. Luke's Medical Center.

279 E. Rodriguez Sr. Blvd. 1103 Quezon City Philippines

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glucose meter
(Note: one time cost only unless it breaks down)

3,000.00 — 4,000.00

lancing device
(Note: one time cost only unless it breaks down)


glucose meter strips
(1 box containing 25 pcs)

650.00  -  750.00

prickers or lancets (100 pcs.)

250.00  -  450.00

insulin (single bottle = 1,000 units)


insulin syringe(30 pcs/month)


alcohol / cotton


doctor's fees (single visit/month)



6,596.00  -  7,896.00

Monthly total minus the glucose meter and lancing device